Customized Personal Training

& Massage Therapy

At Pump Fitness, we want to get you in the habit of moving forward–and sticking with it.

We’re here to help you make that commitment with our customized personal fitness training. But you have to be ready for a permanent lifestyle makeover, whether you’re starting with physical rehab or sports objectives, or the drive to start a new chapter in your life.

We’re here to coach, to fine-tune, to massage, to motivate, to push—to open up that door. So look around the site and get acquainted. But don’t get too comfortable. Where we’re going, you’re going to get pumped.

Group Classes



Learn specific exercises & stretches to improve muscle strength, joint function, bone density, lymphatic system & cardiovascular system functions.

Mondays & Wednesdays

Noon – 1 pm


1 – 2 pm

Classes begin February 12th

Sign up on a per class basis
4 person minimum required for class to take place.

Individual Class Focus

Feb 12 & Mar 12Shoulders & Hands
Feb 14 & Mar 14Pelvic Floor
Feb 19 & Mar 19Hips
Feb 21 & Mar 21Feet
Feb 26 & Mar 26Quads & Hamstrings
Feb 28 & Mar 28Spine
Mar 5 & Apr 2Core
Mar 7 & Apr 4Transitional Work


Learn/relearn basic weight training to get your workouts started at the gym.

Every Tuesday

Noon – 1 pm

March 13th – May 1st

4 person minimum required for class to take place.


Intense bursts of exercise alternated with short bouts of active rest.

Every Thursday

Noon – 1 pm

March 15th – May 3rd

4 person minimum required for class to take place.

Space is limited. Get signed up today.

Gym Memberships

Pump Fitness Gym Memberships now available. Call or stop in for more information. 310-614-1623

Customized Training

Whether your goals are sport specific, rehabilitation, weight loss or neck and back, we’ll customize a plan just for you.


Pump Fitness has helped many clients achieve significant improvements in overall fitness, stress reduction, weight loss, etc. with rehabilitation after sports injuries. We have helped basketball players to improve their jump, and helped hockey players make the most of their strength, balance and control during the side-to-side motions of power skating. Whatever the sport, we can focus on getting exactly the results you need to bring your best game.


We often work with clients recovering from injuries or surgery. Many clients turn to our programs after physical therapy, as a bridge to normal or enhanced daily activity. We work through progressions of increased strength and range of motion as function is restored to the affected muscle groups. At Pump Fitness, we work with clients who are currently in rehab, and we play an ongoing role in the lives of clients after the rehab period ends, helping them establish and maintain a new level of ability and performance.


We approach weight loss the same way we do every kind of personal transformation: a realignment of habits based on a better understanding of the role of food and a sustainable pattern of self-discipline. We take a look at what our clients are eating, in terms of the energy going into the body and the energy going out, along with a thorough assessment of the nutritional components of their diet. Then we come up with a strategy that leverages the body’s own potential to make the best use of a tailored diet, trimming weight in ways that are both natural and sustainable.


Pump Fitness offers massage therapy and exercises to address neck and back problems, including back education training and posture correction. This is true not only for clients seeking rehabilitation, but for all of our clients.

Because we specialize in the fitness of the body’s “core,” we teach our clients about proper posture and movement in the spine, and how to transfer weight and force on to the proper muscle groups in order to avoid painful stress on the spine. Body awareness is a big part of avoiding and resolving back and neck problems, and we build this awareness into each Pump Fitness workout.

Massage Therapy

To understand a body in motion,
you must know it at rest.

Down to the deep tissue.

At Pump Fitness, massage therapy is not just about relaxation. It’s an integrated part of a workout approach. We treat it as a form of results-oriented therapy that addresses specific muscles and aims to get each of them functioning properly and working as part of a coordinated muscle group. Active release massage helps realign muscle fibers and break up problematic tissue connections that form through inactivity or bad habits such as poor posture.


Nutritional Guidance

When you renovate a body, accept only the best building materials.

We focus on aspects of diet and nutrition that are integral to an effective fitness program. We help clients to think about food in new ways, with an emphasis on clean eating, and seeing the energy and nutritional content of food. You are what you eat, and our clients need to make lifestyle changes along with their exercise habits. Our workout strategies are designed to leverage the body’s own potential to make the best use of a tailored diet, building strength in ways that are both natural and sustainable.


About Pump Fitness

To see results, you need motivation.
You’ve come to the right place.

Niki Spohn started Pump Fitness around the idea that you can achieve anything with the right attitude, strategy and support. We specialize in an individualized approach to training that goes far beyond reps, and diet. But unlike other training programs, our aim is to teach you to make permanent lifestyle changes that you can continue on your own.

With a degree in bioscience and more than 25 years of experience, Niki brings extensive hands-on knowledge to the challenge of fitness. The Pump program is tailored to the needs and goals of every client—the professional athlete, the gym regular who wants to change things up, and the first-timer. We treat intense training as a key part of a well-rounded, healthy approach to life. In the end, the important thing is getting the results you want.